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A Night on the St. Lawrence

Posted in life-lesson with tags , , , , , on April 21, 2012 by Costa Timothy Deir

This was my view last night as I sat next to the St. Lawrence river watching the sun’s final moments in my time zone for the day! My thoughts were racing as the sun dipped below the last cloud on the horizon. I was talking to God about some things that weigh heavily on my heart, and struggles I am having within. Briefly, I thought, “I’m talking to God about the deep things in life, the things that really matter.”

While that statement is partly true, it was instantly brought to my attention that my thought was totally consumed with me. Not to say that God is unconcerned about my personal struggles, or issues that deal closely to my heart, but it has been a while since I’ve talked to God about issues that might concern Him. As a matter of fact, it has probably been years since I’ve asked God what I can do to make Him more known in my area of influence. I have been more concerned with other things, I’m sure you can relate to a few; the low balance in my check register, debt, car problems, relationships, job advancement, hanging with the “cool kids”, or staying trendy.

Lately, these have been the things that I thought were the deeper things in life! There’s more than that! There has to be. A few verses from the Bible are flying through my mind; “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world” (1 Jn 4:4) , “we are more than a conquerors…” (Rom 8:37),  “don’t worry…” (Matt 6:30-34)

I want to start talking to God about things that are bigger than my life. I don’t want to be held up by my own “hang-ups” any longer. Do you relate to this? Have you done reflected upon your own life while reading this short blog? How can we commit together to start thinking of ways we can make an impact in this world? Let’s think higher than ourselves.

Please leave your thoughts below.


The Go-Getter

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One of the simplest descriptions of a person that an employer will look to hire is; a go-getter.

What is a go-getter? What do they look like?

If you’ve ever sat in a job interview worth sitting in, you’ve been asked the question; “are you a go-getter?” Undoubtedly, you answered yes, like me! Were we being honest, or were we just trying to land a job only to settle back into a rut of mundaneness?

When I looked for the definition of a go-getter, the word most closely associated with the term was, an “enterprising” person. Here’s the definition;




1. ready to undertake projects of importance or difficulty, or untried schemes; energetic in carrying out any undertaking.
2. characterized by great imagination or initiative.

I put the important words in bold; ready, imaginative, and initiative. To put this  in layman’s terms; A go-getter is someone that doesn’t wait for life to come to them, they go out and grab it! What do you want today? Go out there and make it happen! What about this weekend; what kind of strides would you like to see take place? Do it!

Chances are there are things that you want in life and are doing little to nothing about. Paul says it this way, encouraging the Ephesian Christians to walk like Christians, “Awake, sleeper, and rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” (Eph 5:14)

Don’t let life just pass by today! Choose your battles, plan your victories, and don’t forget to smile.


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