More Than 100 Times!

I received this in an email from a friend working with overseas missionaries! I’ve personally worked with this organization and this kind of stuff happens everyday over there! Read on, it’s exciting!

Why we do what we do

     When I got this story in an email about a first year worker from in China I knew right away I wanted to pass it on to you all. This is a just one instance that happens on a regular basis there. If it hits you like it hit me you’ll need that kleenex box!  (Just a little note – if it feels like these email is in code that’s because it is!  Our workers in China need to be careful with their words so as not to elicite any unwanted attention. I decided to leave it just as she wrote it so dad = God and J= Jesus…etc. I’m sure you will figure it out.)

“Today we went to Hua Xi. We probably said hello/ tried to talk to 15 people before these two girls came along … And I met Lisi who is in her 5th year and final semester for preventative medicine. She explained that she’s been very confused and worried about the future, finding a job, and just the life changes that will come with not being a student any longer.  I told her that when I was a senior in college I had similar feelings and the thing that got me through it was being able to talk to dad and J and get comfort and guidance from them. I asked if she knew about J or if she believed anything, and then I started to share. From beginning to end she was practically clinging to every truth that was spoken and she was so cute!  Here are just a few of the awesome things she said throughout our conversation.  “So he forgives us, and we are given a second chance.” I said well he forgives us more than 100 times, he will never stop forgiving us. When I asked if she wanted to follow and be his friend, she said “Yes I do, but you mean it is okay even though I am Chin… oh yeah you said he created you and me too!” After we yarped it out I asked how she felt. She said, “Just before I met you I was talking crazy to my friend and feeling so nervous and confused, but now I feel calm in my heart.”  At a later time she also said, “I always felt like no one can completely understand me, or give me the advice I need, but now I know that J is always listening and he knows me.”
When I realized she wasn’t in a rush, we started to go over the2 things we do as C’s: follow J (personal relationship) and share about Him with others.  Before I even finished the sentence, she was saying, “Yeah we need to tell people this, I am going to tell my friends.” …  I told her that sometimes our friends or people we share with will not understand, or not want to believe, but it is okay because it is just our job to give them the opportunity to know him but then it is between Dad and their heart to decide. She stopped me mid sentence and just blurted out a big WHY, like what do you mean people wouldn’t want this. It was awesome! I was like ‘I know I don’t understand either’ but Dad moves on our hearts and he prepares us to learn about him and follow him, and he prepared you for today, and some friends just aren’t ready yet. “So we don’t have to persuade, just give them the chance,” she said.  I told her something I like to do is meet with friends to talk about Dad and the good book, and asked her if she had one and if she’d be interested in meeting every week. She didn’t have a book and said she’d like one in English because she thought it could make her closer to him since J speaks English. And I told her J speaks Chin too!! And every language in the world!! When we got to her dorm gate to say farewell, she said “I’m going to share this with my roommates, and I’ll see you next week Karen?” = DDD Yes yes yesssss indeed you will Lisi!!! NEMA(Amen) Papa you are soooo good!! I yarp that her heart, mind, spirit will be protected as she shares, and declare that she is good soil!!”


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3 Responses to “More Than 100 Times!”

  1. So awesome! Thanks for sharing that Costa!! I am so thankful for all of His forgiveness. I also love the part about it being our job to give them the opportunity to know Him, but what our friends do with that information is between them and God. Such a great e-mail! Love the things God is doing all over the world, and the faithful servants that are spreading His love.

  2. Cool Blog Costa! Is this one of those that you can subscribe to? If so – sign me up!

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