And we’re back from a little 3 day hiatus!

Ok, so I must hear how things went for you these last 3 days of our ‘Think of Others First’ Challenge! Please share a little at the bottom in the comments section.

Here are a few of my thoughts; 1) I’m very selfish, 2) As a Christian, why is living with a mind for others NOT my norm? You see, to live like Christ, we not only live this way toward our closest relationships (Eph 5:25), but also toward those do all kinds of evil against us (Luke 6:28). I think we could go on and on about how we fall short in this area, but let’s move on.

I was talking with an older friend of mine a couple days ago, who was opening up to me about his marriage.

“Costa, I almost lost my marriage because I was so selfish!” Then, pointing to the Bible in front of him, “it was feeding my mind with this, that saved me.”

There was a lot of good that came out of focusing on this for 7 days! At the end of the day, spending time with God, and in His Word is what cures us of our incredibly selfish ways.

So, maybe we’ll start a new challenge for the next 7 days! How about we make it a point to spend time with God and in His Word at some point during each day?

Who’s with me?

P.S. Don’t forget I want to hear some stories from this  last week!


3 Responses to “Finale!”

  1. I’m so with you Costa!! I spent some time getting in contact with people, seeing how things were going, checking up on them praying for them. Even when I really didn’t want to because I felt I had too much going on. All my stuff still got done, and I was able to help some people out! I donated some money to a great cause, and I really didn’t want to. I have some money saved, and I feel like I shouldn’t touch it, so I was going to check my account to see if I really could afford it (I knew I had enough, but by how much “enough” I was unsure) So I just put my faith in God, that my bank account will find it’s way back to where it was, and I was able to contribute to a friends cause. Thanks for that challenge! Loving the new challenge!! Luckily, I’ll be at a Christian Conference for college students ALL weekend, so I’ll have a pretty good start! You have a great heart, Costa! Love that you are sharing it, and being honest about some rough patches, and ways you can do better!

    Megan J.

  2. BASIC Conference!!

    And yeah, they were. I really didn’t want to text someone at one point, thought it would be pointless. Ended up turning the persons day around into a much better direction! 🙂

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