Road Or The Sky

Are you looking at the road or the sky?

I was running the other day, and there came a point where every step took more effort than I thought it should have. Though this I’d pretty normal, I took a second and glanced up ahead of me. Well, what I saw actually gave me strength in between each painful step.

A blend of pastel orange, red, and pinks. Evenly spaced, billowing white clouds with streaks of Heaven brraking through. The geese returning north from a short winter must have had a better view than me.

It’s very easy to get stuck on each step we take in life. We all know that there comes times when each day feels like a chore that will never end. Let me encourage you today, look up and see the big picture. Most times, even gray skies give us more hope than what we’re trudging through that day!

Psalm 119:116
Proverbs 23:18


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