The Thieving Brother

This had been going of for weeks; every night the older brother would come home from work, drop a bag with the days earnings, change clothes, and head out for a run. While he was away, the younger brother would quietly reach a hand in the bag of money his older brother had dropped and sneak out for a bite to eat.

“I have no work, no money, and I’m starving; he wouldn’t mind. I need to survive anyhow.”

That’s just it, any older brother wouldn’t mind helping out a younger brother, or providing for any family for that matter. All the younger brother had to do was ask. When we fail to remember that we are family in the Kingdom of God, we turn into thieves.

This may apply to your life in a few different ways; maybe you’re trying to earn acceptance, maybe you’re waiting and waiting for an answer from the Lord when it’s written in His word. Whatever the case may be for you, remember this today; you are IN THE FAMILY…ACT LIKE IT!


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