I Get It!

I love those times when something actually clicks! Like those moments when your buddy has a delayed reaction on the punch line.

I was reading a book on sales (it’s what I do), and the quote was simply, “feed your head, feed your head, feed your head.” (Lyrics of Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane in the song “White Rabbit”)

I think a nerve in my brain was struck after reading this; what we feed our minds has HUGE impact on the outcome of our lives! Then the “brain-nerve” was struck again; I’ve heard this my whole life in the Bible! Philippians 4:8 says that the God of peace will follow me if I think on things that are good, noble, and pure!

What are you feeding your head today? I can guarantee that what I feed myself today will be better than what I did yesterday!

Thanks for reading, now I want to hear some responses.



3 Responses to “I Get It!”

  1. “Feed your head”–love it. I’ve known this song since I was a kid but never saw it in this context. Good point Costa!

  2. Oof….needed that one today. Thanks!

  3. this is really awesome! Thanks for writing this..Its so true and its something we as children of God need to work on daily. We don’t notice that the things we fill our minds with effect us greatly. Music movies people…and our mind is powerful and our thoughts that come from our mind can take us many different ways good or bad if we allow it to. I once was teaching the youth group i lead to be cautious about what they fill their minds with and that we want to take philippians 4:8 seriously and try to live by it. We also need to be cautious of the people we hang around because “bad company corrupts good character” this can relate to your mind too. The things you choose to fill your head with could very well effect your character for better or worst. I am always reminded of garbage in garbage out, you feed your mind with garbage you are gonna think about garbage and maybe act or speak of it. Keep up the good work keep listenin for Gods voice and thanks for sharing your heart with us.

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