Eagles soar, Ducks quack!


I’ve been doing some thinking lately, on positive self-though; no PON intended. Most specifically, our thoughts toward ourselves when we make a mistake.

There is a life-long adage: Whatever you think you are, you are.

So how do you think about yourself when making a mistake? Well, if you’re like me this morning; “I’m such an idiot!” or “I feel like a huge d-bag!”

It occurred to me shortly after, that this was not very positive thinking toward myself. Yes, I screwed up, and potentially could have ruined someone else’s day. However, if our words have power, our thoughts must as well.

So, I made a mistake this morning. I also forgave myself this morning. Thankfully so did the other person whose day I almost ruined.

Remember you become what you think you are. That’s one reason why reading the Bible is so important; it portrays how God thinks about you, which is better than what you think about you 100% of the time.

So be an eagle and soar today! Don’t let yourself turn into another quack!

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2 Responses to “Eagles soar, Ducks quack!”

  1. Ha, I just saw the title and clicked on it, having no idea about the content.

    Good stuff. And way to make the Bible connection to what most would think is merely a “positive thought practice.”

    I might add, not only did you forgive yourself (and find forgiveness), but you stepped up to the plate and offered to do the right thing (which in this case meant eating some expenses). It goes beyond just repenting, and into proactive actions to rectify what we blew. Well done. ch:

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