Take Your Vitamins

I recently started taking vitamins daily, and you know what? They work! I totally miss out on that mid-day sleepiness!

That’s a side note to what I have to say here; for free. You’re welcome.

Recently, I’ve had to make some responsible choices. You know, those ones none of us want to make but we know we should? While I’ve been in the daily flow of these things, I have set aside my usual quiet time.

You might think you know where I’m going with this, “Your quiet time is like those vitamins, and you need it everyday.” While this might be somewhat true, that’s not where I’m going.

I was voicing my concern about this going on in my life to someone I highly respect and the response put me at ease.

You see, as a Christian, I try to live my life as Jesus would. And though we see Jesus going to the mountain to pray quite often, more often we read about Him doing things that are “tangible” or “practical”. I’m not trying to minimize the importance and the strength that it brings to spend time alone with God, I’m just realizing that other things can be equally as important. Working to pay off debt, finishing a paper for school, spending time with friends or family; all can be equally as “spiritual” things to do as spending alone time with God.

I hope this puts some of you at ease as it did me.

And don’t forget your vitamins.

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2 Responses to “Take Your Vitamins”

  1. Ellie Deir Says:

    True. I agree but think that some people may use that as an excuse that they are being “spiritual.” We shoudl never let “practical” or “tangible” things be a substitute for spending time with God. Jesus went off and prayed OFTEN. We sure don’t need to be legalistic but we need the quiet time with Him. He never makes us feel guilty but always calls us to be in connecting relationship with Him. 🙂

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