First Attempt

“There used to be a lean-to up on Mt. Marcy by the waterfall, but they had to take it down cuz people was puttin feces in the water.”

Infamous quote by new Dibor student Michael Harris Jr. as we were eating Lunch halfway through our day hike in the Adirondack mountains. Our goal: to summit Mt. Colden; one of the tougher hikes the High Peaks region has to offer. Our plan of action was to hike in six miles, stop for lunch under a lean-to, climb for 2 miles, and then return with a sense of accomplishment.

Well, this mission ended up way out of our reach. We did make it to the lean-to where we enjoyed a wonderful view from the bottom of the mountain. By the end of our trip, our legs were sore and we looked a little battered….and we hadn’t even begun to do what we had really come to do.

How often do we become complacent at the bottom of the MOUNTAINS in our lives, settling for the view at the bottom, rather than spilling all we have to overcome? Why do we journey so far to sit at the bottom of some of the mountains in our lives? Some of us are too scared, or we’re waiting on others to show us the way. We have followed the Lord’s leading to an extent that we’re comfortable with, but we’re unwilling to brave the ascent.

One of the aspects that is so awesome about Dibor, is the atmosphere that cultivates climbing those spiritual mountains together! For some it’s a slow process, for some it’s instant; nevertheless, the Lord is giving us grace to do it!


5 Responses to “First Attempt”

  1. dear costa,
    you should blog more often.
    your friend,

  2. I climbed Algonquin last year and was amazed how the physical act of climbing a mtn was so similar to spiritual life…sometimes not even just the mountain but even the low lands…

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