I dare YOU to move…to something Higher than YOU!

Yes, my favorite band is Switchfoot. Jon’s lyrics, and the musical skills of the whole crew simply impress me; that’s besides the point.

I tend the bar at your Watertown, NY Ruby Tuesday. I get to cross paths with many walks of life; Traveling businessmen and women who trek across the pavement from the Holiday Inn, those who serve in our United States Army, local fathers and daughters. Men who have fear, yet act like they have none; those who are chasing all that this world has to offer, and those who can’t seem to run from the feeling that there must be more.

Right on the brink of one of the coolest moments of my High School life someone told me, “take in this moment, don’t let it slip away without giving it everything you’ve got!” Those words were said as a quaint encouragement, but I haven’t been able to shake them since.

You see, we all have a story, one with highs and lows, successes and disappointments, times of glory and times of feeling like a nobody. I’m a Christian (follower of my Lord and Maker Jesus Christ), and I’m still learning much about the Rock on which I stand; but one thing I’ve learned, He’s the only constant thread woven into the story of my life.

That constancy is what gives me strength to live life, giving it everything I’ve got! Though I fail, I know there’s something that will not change! Though I grow older and wearier (i made that word up), He is not a fad that passes like minutes.

So I’ve got to say this to all of you, especially those of you whom I have personally have met around that raised rectangular bar table in Watertown, “give it everything you’ve got! Don’t let this life slip away and realize you’ve given it anything less! And when you find yourself in a place with no strength left, throw yourself upon the Rock that is higher than YOU!”

That’s my message for now! There is a perfect love that covers a multitude of sin, and casts out all fear!


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