Who Am I???

“What’s your name?” I asked trying to start some sort of tangible conversation.

“I don’t know! That’s what I’m trying to say!” As her head dropped to the table, so did my heart.

The performance happening in front faded to the background as I looked around at the many other souls in the room. This was the second nursing home Dibor has gone to in the past week, some are hopeless and confused. I’ve heard countless times, “I never, EVER, thought I’d make it this long!”

I want to take a moment to commend places like Angel’s Inn and the Mercy Center of Northern New York and their staff, for doing the best they can to provide special care of our Watertown, NY elderly. I know there are countless places across the country who are doing everyday life with some of our nation’s forgotten. Most of them have special needs, many are aged to the point of being bound to a wheelchair and/or walker. But, by far the largest desire in their hearts is to be noticed; to know that they truly haven’t been forgotten is something that will change a life…no matter how much that life has left to live.

I encourage you who are reading this to take some time to remember those who paved the way for you. Those who gave sweat and blood to serve, work for, and live in the country you do right now. Take a morning or an evening and visit a nursing home, or home for the elderly. Just converse with them, sing  a song with them (something you might not have done since grade school years); guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for reading. I encourage you to comment.


2 Responses to “Who Am I???”

  1. Wow thats really good…. like really good.
    That lady broke my heart… i remember seeing you talking to her.

  2. I remember a guy named Nick from the nursing home. We used to go out with the church twice a month and have a small church service with those who would come. Nick had a stroke and I couldnt unseratand him much, but man did he light up when we came to get him. I dont think many of the people cared that they were in a church service as much as they just loved that someone cared enough to come and spend an hour with them.

    Thanks for the great reminder.

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