Feb 1st Let’s see..

  2. 5:30AM wake up
  3. take a shower & get ready for day
  4. do some miscellaneous emailing and printing
  5. ..breakfast?? (where did this step go?)
  6. morning devotions
  7. leave for class
  8. lead worship
  9. “be bold! tell others about Jesus!”
  10. to the laundry mat (cuz the washer is broken at home….and GEEZ that could get expensive!)
  11. check out a small Asian food market (has some of the same smells China has πŸ™‚ )
  12. back to church
  13. debrief students on a short time of evangelism
  14. back to the laundry mat
  15. toDunkin Donut to grab a chicken parm flatbread sandwich for lunch…and a Blueberry coffee πŸ™‚
  16. back to laundry mat to pick up clothes
  17. get in a car accident in the parking lot
  18. go to walmart to order a pair of glasses to finally be able to see! (can’t wait!!)
  19. back to church to take a 45min break
  20. work expo @ Ruby Tuesday (for those of you who know what that is, you feel my pain!)
  21. back home at 11:00PM
  22. sleeping by 11:30PM

1. up @ 3:59AM with a call from my girlfriend ;)…….worth it!

what’s your’s??


One Response to “busy?”

  1. Wow…busy day! I didn’t know you got in a car accident?!?! With who? And why are you talking to Jess at 4am!?!?! Your a crazy man!

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